Why Colin Kaepernick Said ‘No’ to a Potential Starting Job

 For Complex News, I’m Pierce Simpson // There arguably hasn’t been a more impactful player in sports for the past year than Colin Kaepernick. While his play on the field hasn’t been other-worldly or transcendent his social awareness, activism and refusal to stand for the national anthem has been a topic of discussion across America.  This 2017 NFL season has been heavily influenced by Kaepernick’s initial journey to bring awareness to the social issues plaguing African-Americans and people of color — his initial protest has encouraged plenty of players around the league to do the same, and even drew the ire of Donald Trump.  However, despite the NFL creating a sense of “unity” after Donald Trump verbally attacked the league last week, plenty of critics are calling the league hypocrites because of the current free agent status of Colin Kaepernick — pointing to the idea that if this was about “unity”, he’d be on a team right now.  But, there was an opportunity that came calling for Kaepernick recently and that was courtesy of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. Reports suggest that the team has been inquiring on the services of Kaep for about a month now and actually hold his CFL rights. Kavis Reed, the head coach and GM for the Alouetts explained the reasoning behind inquiring about Kaep: “He’s in the midst of some very important things. We understand there’s a movement going on around him. We’re doing our due diligence and making certain they know we want to see where he’s at. It’s a matter of kicking the tires at this stage. To me, he’s a very good player. Take all the movement stuff aside. He’s a young man that we feel has a very good football IQ. He has taken a team to a championship level.  Nothing has materialized at this point, but something tells me that Kaepernick definitely has his sights set on an NFL job rather than the CFL — but there’s no question that his talent is deserving of a spot on someone’s roster in the NFL.  For the latest in Kaepernick news, pop culture, sports and music keep it locked to Complex News by subscribing to us on YouTube.  For Complex News, I’m Pierce Simpson