HBO Real Sports sits down with Juan Dixon

March 20, 2017

HBO Real Sports sits down with Juan Dixon
Juan Dixon

First Look: HBO Real Sports sits down with Maryland all-time great Juan Dixon to learn that his extraordinary tale of overcoming daunting odds wasn’t what it seemed

In a tournament known for its underdogs, no one had overcome longer odds than Juan Dixon

He was the stick-figured kid who became a legend during the 2002 NCAA tournament. Not just for his fearless play but for his heart-wrenching personal story. Recounted by broadcasters over and over.

Juan’s parents had died tragically and he was orphaned as a boy in Baltimore. Now he was leading the University of Maryland to its first ever national championship. It was a story for the ages. There was only one problem with it.

Only recently, 15 years down the line, has Juan Dixon learned the true story after a life spent believing a lie.

The story begins in Baltimore where he grew up in the 1980s. Drugs had transformed the city. Soon they began transforming his mother, Juanita.

But while millions of fans were being told that story… one watching at home realized it couldn’t be true.

cred:HBO Real Sports

photo cred: HBO Real Sports