The Shaquille O’Neal vs. JaVale McGee Twitter feud will not end

The Shaquille O’Neal vs. JaVale McGee Twitter feud will not end

Feb. 24 (UPI) — He tried to restrain himself, but Shaquille O’Neal‘s enormous Twitter fingers are in a frolicking fury.

Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee has made a habit of providing hilarious basketball bloopers throughout his career. But since he joined his new team, he has provided more steady play. He was once a fixture on O’Neal’s ‘Shaqtin’ a Fool’ segment, but the Hall of Famer agreed to omit him from the TNT sketch for five installments, before going back on the dale last month.

“Um excuse me MR MCGEE what is this @shaqtin#gaveyou3chances #tryingtogiveyouapass,” O’Neal wrote last month on a photo of McGee, featuring a ridiculous haricut.

McGree responded with a photo of Shaq wearing a chicken hat.

Shaq fired back with a tweet showing McGee running on the court while still in his warm up pants.

O’Neal then put together a segment for TNT during Thursday’s Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers game, profiling McGee and Dr. Strange.

McGee wasn’t a fan of the Shaq diss. He responded on Twitter Friday morning: “Shaq get my [expletive] out of your mouth. And [expletive]! That is all.”

He then wrote: “Aight y’all I’m done responding…I think.”

Before he wrote another response saying: “Last thing: think about this…he woke up and I was the fist thing on his mind when he made that video…THAT AINT WEIRD TO YALL?”

His final post on the matter showed Jack Nicholson and said: “Maybe he’s in love with me…maybe I should be flattered? IDK guys.”

“@JaValeMcGee34 don’t be acting like u a g I’ll smack the [expletive] out yo bum [expletive] u da one that be looking stupid with your dumb [expletive],” Shaq tweeted.

“@JaValeMcGee34 now since you on a good team u wanna act like you a player now stop it u will only be remembered for shaqtin a fool.”

“@JaValeMcGee34 we gonna see how tough you are when I see yo [expletive] #bum[expletive]mcgee #bumsactinliketheyplayers#clown[expletive]ballers #youneedmorepeople.”

McGee came back on the offense.

“Oh we threatening people now? Kick rocks you old bastard… you ain’t gone do [expletive] !!! And that’s on my mama…stick to [expletive]!”

“Forget being on a good team… Ima grown man… you’ve had these [expletive] in yo mouth for 5-6 years now… u thought I was just gone stay silent?”

Shaq’s final tweet pictured a homeless man with McGee’s face edited onto it.

“America meet JaVale “BUM” McGee,” the post said.

McGee, 29, is averaging 6.1 points and 3 rebounds in a career-low 9.6 minutes per game for the Warriors. He has played for five franchises in nine NBA seasons.