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September 5th, 2016

Become A Contributor!

What are we looking for?

Contributors to write original articles in the following categories: Football, Basketball, Baseball, MMA, and Boxing.

Basic formatting should include paragraphs broken up in easy-to-digest chunks.
Please attach a few pictures for your post and include image credits.

Posts should be 500 – 1000 words with exceptions to posts that have lots of images or video supplements. Video post should be 200 to 300 words.

Please do not include affiliate links or excessive links to your own website, but be sure to link to any resources, tools, etc. that you mention specifically. Articles solely to advertise your own products or services will not be accepted.

We take quality as one of the major condition in accepting guest posts.
Be sure to include an author bio that is 140 characters or less. Include a link to your site along with the bio.

What are the benefits?

The benefits include reaching a new audience and if you have a site of your own, the potential to gain new readers from this exposure and additional monthly income.

Access to thousands of new videos for posting on Headlines411, FreeDFSPicks, and your blogs will increase your monetization of content.

The article that you write for us must be original. This means that you wrote it, it is not a spun article, and it is not published on any other website, including your own.

How soon will I know if my article is approved?

We will check articles submitted within 24 hours. Depending on your experience, you may be approved to auto post on site. This will increase your financial grow.

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