Nate Díaz Buries Hatchet With Bieber … Let’s Selfie, Bro

March 24, 2016

Nate Díaz Buries Hatchet

Nate Díaz Buries Hatchet: Talk about dodging a bullet … Justin Bieber has made peace with the man who wanted to slap the blonde off his head, Nate Diaz — and to prove they’re cool, they took a selfie together.

Bieber and Diaz came face to face at JB’s concert after-party at Warwick nightclub in Hollywood late Wednesday night.

It was an interesting situation considering Diaz recently fantasized about delivering a Stockton Slap to Justin’s head … after Bieber criticized his fighting style on social media.

But last night it was all love … no violence … and Diaz tweeted, “All good doe 100.”

Close call tho …

Credit TMZ Sports